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My name is Pat Brennan and I fly with one wing, thus the nom de plume. I can’t signal left-hand turns when riding my bike, so keep your distance. I don’t remember much about the crash. I was asleep at the time, but I wasn’t behind the wheel. My best friend was behind the wheel and he was sleeping too. He’s still my best friend.

At the time of the crash, newspapers used those big 4X5 cameras with a large negative plate the size of a school book to slip in and out of the back of the camera. If you wanted to make more than two photos you had to carry around extra plates – not very efficient for a one-arm photographer, unless you’re in a studio using a tripod. Chasing after a corrupt politician trying to discretely flee a courtroom while you’re lugging that big Graphic 4X5 plus a flash powered by a battery the size if a bread box – well, you can imagine my joy and new mobility when 35 mm cameras arrived in the newsroom.

I was a staff writer/photographer for 33 years with the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper until I jumped at their early retirement option. I freelanced for The Star for seven years after leaving the newsroom. I now write freelance travel articles for Postmedia Network, Canada’s largest newspaper chain.

After losing my beautiful wife Jeannie to ovarian cancer at age 47, I hit the road living full time in my motor home and roaming the back roads of North America. Jeannie often said “when these kids are out of the house, we’re hitting the road. I’ll read, you’ll write and we’ll see the world”. Jeannie still rides along with me, but I now get the last word.
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